Auch NAPALM DEATH geben Infos zur neuen Scheibe bekannt



Shane Embury erklärt:

"[Next year] we will begin we will begin writing songs for the 12th Napalm Death album. I have ideas for about 4-5 tracks and while we will continue in the grindcore fashion of the last three albums, there will also be a few mid-paced catchy tunes thrown in there to break the album up a little bit as well as a few more Swans-type noise pieces. I know Barney has some lyrical ideas already so things are moving swiftly, though, of course, we have the Kreatortour in mid-February for a month, which will break the writing process up a little but the album should come together quickly, I think. We are also going to be recording a Sick Of It All cover for their 20th aniversary album which will be released next year."