BARS OF GOLD - neuer Song im Stream



Mit “Atlantic City” stellen BARS OF GOLD aus Detroit einen weiteren neuen Song ihres kommenden Albums "Shelters" vor. Die Platte ercscheint am 12. April via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records und wurde von der Band zusammen mit Chris Koltay (War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Deerhunter) produziert. Gitarrist Scott Iulianelli kommentiert: 

“'Atlantic City' is an unsuspecting pop song made up of seemingly disjointed parts; musically it’s our version of Beefheart’s 'Frownland'. Lyrically, it’s about temptation and commitment, a homage to Springsteen. There’s also this weird circular percussion happening that sets the tone for the song and gives the guitars and vocals a platform for weaving in and out of. Like I said, it shouldn’t be a pop song, but somehow it still is”