BEHEMOTH - Nergal äussert sich in Interview über Trump und Israel



Die polnische Black Metal Institution BEHEMOTH spielt an diesem Wochenende auf einigen Festivals, unter anderem bei dem am Hellfest angeschlossenen Knotfest und dem Graspop Metal Meeting. Bei letzterem wurde er von den Veranstaltern interviewt und hat dabei ein bisschen was über die Auftritte von BEHEMOTH in Israel erzählt:

"Honestly, Israel is a very secular state, and people are not aware of that, they couldn't give less fuck about religion — honestly. And the cool part of Israel is because it's so multi cultural, you do the show there and you see all these Hebrew people there, but there's also Muslim people in the crowd too. It's amazing. What you see on CNN, when they're just beating the shit out of each other, of course, there's a part that is a warzone and there's a part where they fucking coexist. And to me, it was proof that heavy metal, or music in general, or art, can really unite people, and they can commune together, and it doesn't need to be that they are battling or fighting. We can find a common ground that we can communicate even if we are different or from different camps. It's awesome. I like this."

In dem Zug erwähnte der Frontmann auch, dass es durchaus Kritik an dem BEHEMOTH Konzert in Israel gab, dazu hatte Nergal folgendes zu vermelden:

"At the end of the day, we are not politicians — we re musicians; we are traveling artists, nnd wherever we go, if there's feedback, if there's a potential fanbase there, why should I limit myself…?"

In dem Zusammenhang outete er sich zudem nicht gerade als Fand des US Präsidenten Trump:

"Hey, by touring the U.S., it doesn't mean… Do I support Trump? No, I'm no Trump supporter, but it's not gonna stop me from touring U.S. We should look beyond that."

"Politics is not really my energy, people are my energy. Our fans are my energy. And the last thing I would care is where they come from, what's their skin color, what's their gender. It's their intimate business what they believe in, and so on and so on. It's none of my business. My business is, if we share the same energy and passion and love for heavy fucking music, let's commune, let's unite and let's celebrate together. The flag that is waving above, I don't give a fuck about that at this very moment."

Das gesamte Interview könnt ihr hier sehen: