BEING AS AN OCEAN - neues Album im September



Am 13. September erscheint das neue und von Zakk Cervini ( Blink-182, Poppy, Halsey) produzierte BEING AS AN OCEAN Album "Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story" über das bandeigene Label. Vorab stellt die Band mit "Play Pretend" einen ersten Song der Platte mitsamt Videoclip vor. Sänger JOEL QUARTUCCIO zur Platte:
“As we all grow older, our lust for life and its abundant experiences start to wain as we succumb mentally and
emotionally to life’s responsibilities, struggles and obstacles. So often we fixate on the violent tossing and instability
that comes from enduring the rapids of life instead of stepping back in our perspective and seeing it instead as a
season, another valuable opportunity to strengthen our spirits or souls in a time of reflection and examination,
knowing that the storm will indeed pass eventually. If we can continue to have faith in the processes of life and
remember that we have lived through hardships before and come out the other side stronger, then we can learn to
welcome the challenges, as tools and potential for personal growth. Our strength is found in weakness. This song
was an opportunity for us, both as a band and for myself personally, to be reminded of this and resolve, through
action, to continue changing our negatives in life into positives."