BILLY LIAR - (Lyrik-) Video zu “The Righteous & The Rats”



Der schottische Songwriter BILLY LIAR war juengst beim BOOZE CRUISE FESTIVAL in Hamburg zu Gast. In zwei Wochen erscheint sein Album "Some Legacy" via Red Scare Industries. Anbei stellt der Musiker mit “The Righteous & The Rats” einen Song der Platte inklusive Lyrikvideo vor. 

LIAR kommentiert:

“This song was one of the first I wrote for the record, and was almost the title track. It’s hard not to feel a little lost and confused right now, with right wing bias in the press and social media, the UK leaving the European Union and unelected clowns in power worldwide. Sometimes it’s even hard to tell the right-wing Nazi shitheads from the punks who’ve just gotten a little older and have lost their hair. We’ve got to keep fighting. The fight starts here. In you.”