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BORKNAGAR haben die Tracklist und das Cover ihres kommenden Albums "Universal" online, dass am 22. Februar 2010 über Indie Recordings erscheinen wird.

Hier ein Statement der Band: "We are really proud to finally reveal the cover for 'Universal'. It has been a long process to circle in and establish the perfect visual approach for this album. A cover that is able to visually represent the album. We firmly believe that we have achieved that with the new cover and the general designs (including CD, CDL, LP and CD box) represent nothing less."

"Universal" wird aus folgenden Tracks bestehen:
01. Havoc
02. Reason
03. The Stir of Seasons
04. For a Thousand Years to Come
05. Abrasion Tide
06. Fleshflower
07. Worldwide
08. My Domain (feat. guest vocals by I.C.S Vortex)