BOSTON MANOR - neuer Song im Stream



Mit “Lead Feet” stellen die Poppunker von BOSTON MANOR aus Grossbritannien einen neuen Song ihres kommenden Albums "Be Nothing" vor. Die Platte erscheint am 30. September via Pure Noise Records. Frontmann Henry Cox:

"Around the time we were writing this album I got a phone call from a guy I was friends with in school, one day when we were about 13 he just didn't show up to school, we got told he'd been taken into care and I never heard from him again until he called. He somehow got my parents phone number and rang me one day to tell me about the last ten years of his life, how people he'd loved had died, how he'd just got out of prison and struggled with addiction, lots of really troubling turbulent stuff. “Lead Feet” is about how two people’s lives can begin so similarly but the choices they make can take them in totally opposite directions"