BOYS NIGHT OUT - digital only Release im Februar



BOYS NIGHT OUT werden am 05. Februar mit "50 Million People Can’t Be Wrong" ihre erste digital-only EP veröffentlichen. Das Release wird bei iTunes und Rhapsody für unter $ 5 erhältlich sein.

Die EP wird 2 komplett neue Songs und 3 erneut aufgenommene von der "Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses" EP enthalten ("The Only Honest Love Song", "Sketch Artist Composite" und "Victor Versus the Victim".

Gitarrist und Songwriter Jeff Davis hierzu:

“We never really liked the recording of the Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses EP because it was really rushed, and we wanted to give the songs the potential they deserve. We decided to rework the songs, adding some new stuff, some electronics, changing the vocals and new fancy guitar work. The rest will be a surprise!”

Zum digitalen Release hat er folgendes zu sagen:

“We wanted to release something that would be really quick and accessible for everyone who wanted it. We needed to bridge the gap, make sure people know that we are still alive and making new music.”

“Both Reason Ain’t Our Long Suit and Hey Thanks are rough versions of songs on the new album. We’ve been really busy writing and rehearsing every day. The new album will be self titled, and we are working with producer Lou Jordano (Taking Back Sunday, Ataris, Samiam, Paul Westerberg, Sunny Day Real Estate). We plan to drop the album over the Summer of 07.”