BRACKET - neues Album im Mai



BRACKET bestaetigen Album-Releaseplaene: Am 31. Mai erscheint mit "Too Old To Die Young" das neunte Album der Punkrockband via Fat Wreck Chords. Anbei gibt es mit "Canned From The Food Drive" einen ersten Eindruck zur Platte. Im Kommentar der Band heisst es:

"This album picks up where 1995’s 4 Wheel Vibe and our earliest songs for FAT left off, grabbing a few weird harmonies and world-weary lyrics along the way: eleven songs, recorded in living rooms and garages, each under 3 minutes. Angelo sings two songs, Zack sings one, and we wrote everything together. We recorded it with Fat Mike’s encouragement to stop overthinking our music and record a punk album again. The lyrics are about a band that despite never fitting in or really “making it,” never stopped trying"


Tracklisting "Too Old To Die Young:

01. Cloud Ate
02. Forget
03. Canned from the Food Drive
04. Exit Interview
05. A Perfect Misfit
06. Under the Moon
07. Arting Starvist
08. Going out of Style in Style
09. Warren's Song Pt. 29
10. Antisocial Inactivism
11. A Hot Comedy