BRANDTSON bestätigen Hiatus



BRANDTSON Sänger Myk Porter hat nun jeglich Zweifel am Status der Band ausgeräumt. In einem Interview bestätigt er, dass die Band seit ihrer letzten Show im Februar 2007 auf Eis liegt:

"After 11 years I think it was just time to move on. Everyone was so worn out after our last year of touring in 2006, I remember we rolled back into town on a cold day in December, unloaded the van and went our separate ways for a couple months. We played our last show in February of '07 in Cleveland, and that was it. Brandtson was very consuming for all of us, I think because we loved doing it so much. There just comes a time when you look back and realize how much of life you missed in the last decade. We never really planned on ending Brandtson or breaking up the band, it just kind of went out naturally. We're still the same best friends as we ever were, and that's what it was all about from the beginning anyway. I think it's safe to say that Brandtson is a thing of the past."

"Hello, Control" wurde 2006 via Militia Group veröffentlicht, viele der BRANDTSON Mitglieder spielen derzeit bei SWARM OF BATS.