BRIGHTR - Akustik-Split mit H_NGM_N



Die Briten von BRIGHTR kuendigen eine Lockdown-Akustik-Split an. Am 23. Oktober erscheint die EP, die sich BRIGHTR mit ihren Buddies von H_NGM_N teilen, digital und als limitierte CD via Real Ghost Records. Unten gibt es he Band einen Song inklusive Videoclip als Vorgeschmack - wer Lust auf das Release hat, kann HIER bestellen. 

Laurie von BRIGHTR erklaert:

"I met Chris back when I was in a three piece loud noisy melodic thing called Hold The Fight. He's the best promoter in the biz you see! We properly became close friends though while on tour in February of 2017 (he was playing guitar for Larkhill) and I was scheduled to tour out in Ireland. I saw him solo on that tour (and heard "that voice") and it was a no brainer to ask him to join me. That was without doubt one of the best tours I've ever been on. He's become one of my best friends and most essential tour buddies ever since.

We've been talking about doing a split for a while, then lockdown came and it seemed ideal for a bit of DIY creativity. It's all come together pretty quickly which has been brilliant."