BROADSIDE - Video zu "Summer Stained"



BROADSIDE sind aktuell im Rahmen der GALAXY FESTIVAL Tour durch Europa unterwegs. Anbei ist der neue Videoclip der Poppunkband zur Single "Summer Stained" zu sehen - zudem sind dort die verbleibenden Daten gelistet. Frontmann Ollie Baxxter erklaert:

“After any tour, we get back home and the train stops. All that validation and purpose of waking up every day to perform music just stops. I would lie in bed feeling so lonely because I felt like I didn’t have a purpose and no one knew who I was in this big city. Validation went to my head but also the purpose of being an entertainer had vanished. We would look to those photos that we were tagged in and just reminisce on the interactions we were given and feel human again. “Summer Stained” is a reflection on the loneliness of giving all of yourself away in your music in hopes that you will fill the hole that is in your heart.”



Fr, 18.05.18 Karlsruhe / NCO-Club

Sa, 19.05.18 Köln / Essigfabrik
So, 20.05.18 Leipzig / Parkbühne