BURNING ALMS - Video zu "Everyone You Know"



Die Indierockband BURNING ALMS stellt einen Videoclip zu ihrer Single "Everyone You Know" vor. Das dazugehoerige Album "Afternoon Sass" erscheint dann am 17. Mai via Geenger Records. Frontmann John über das Video:

"Influenced by an original installation by Hannah Perry titled ‘GUSH’, Director Matthew Vincent-Townend came up with the idea of filming a performance video. I pulled some favours, assembled a crew together and the shoot happened on a Saturday in December at Rida Studios (studio 3) in London. We shot on an Alexa Mini camera. A Source Four light was placed in front of some loosely placed gold gel with a wind blower placed to the rear that mimicked the Hannah Perry piece ( she used a subwoofer to give a vibrating effect). The tungsten colouring kinda looks like the Smells Like Teen Spirit video which wasn’t the original intention but it looks cool. The video edit was done by a friend Simon Lewis. His past credits include the Franz Ferdinand video ‘Bullet’ and the Cribs’ Rainbow Ridge to name a few. It’s no Happy Days video but we did have a really happy and magical day filming it which brought us all closer together forever and ever amen."