Bear Vs Shark aufgelöst (2001 - 2005)



Selbs kurz vor Weihnachten macht die Break-Up keinen halt, erwischt hat es diesmal BEAR VS SHARK. Hier das offizielle Statement von Equal Vision sowie Kommentare einzelner Label Mitarbeiter:

"After nearly five years of playing music together, Bear Vs Shark have decided to conclude their story and will no longer be playing music together.

The breakup comes only six months after the release of their new album, "Terrorhawk," and in the midst of tour plans with Limbeck and The Honorary Title. BVS have cancelled the upcoming tour, and have no plans for a final show.

Bear Vs Shark has meant so much to us here at Equal Vision, we wanted to share with you some of our thoughts and experiences about the band. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the band on their website,


I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I saw Bear Vs Shark was Fathers Day of 2002. They played at an outdoor skatepark somewhere in Michigan to a handful of people (most of which were skating, not watching). I remember one thing about that day... and it wasn't their musical performance (because they were still very rough around the edges in those days). As I was standing there in the warm midwestern sun I thought about where the band would be in five
years and it gave me goosebumps. I had never seen a frontman like Marc (and I still haven't seen another one since) and the energy that radiated from the band was unique and thrilling. When I left Michigan that day, I was pretty sure I just had a life changing experience. Now as I am looking back, that day definitely changed my life forever.

Over the last almost four years we have had our share of disagreements and bumps in the road, but the art never suffered. I have never met a bunch of guys more dedicated to seeing their vision through than Bear Vs Shark. Over the last four years they grew, evolved and became everything I hoped they would be. They were one of the reasons I got myself out of bed in the morning. They gave me hope
for the music industry. Most importantly, I was able to look myself in the mirror at the end of the day and knew we were doing it for the right reasons. Art.

I am proud of the work we did together. The two records BVS made are documents that should be saved, they are more important than words can describe. I am proud to have them as friends and thankful they became part of my family.

An important part of my family died this week. There will never be a replacement for the magic that Derek, Mike, Marc, John, Ashley, and Brandon created together. It cannot be recreated, but it will be missed and loved for a long time to come.

- Daniel Sandshaw / Equal Vision Records


Bear Vs Shark. The name alone breathes life.

I feel that Bear Vs Shark in itself was like an individual being. On their own, John, Marc, Mike, Derek, Ashley, (and Brandon) are amazing people I'm glad I can call friends, but together they formed something completely different. Every few weeks, sometimes months, I was lucky enough to witness this humble beast take shape right in front of me, and for those 30 minutes, nothing could distract me from what I was experiencing.

Some people chose to enjoy that short amount of time by running around and completely going off, but I was never really that guy. I always sung along to myself and all kinds of ideas and images shot through my head; I wish you could've seen it. At first you think, "These guys are maniacs!" There's one guy hanging from the ceiling with a microphone in his mouth, another couple of guys trading instruments, and another deeply involved with the music, with his eyes rolled back in his head.

The more you watch, the more you realize they're not maniacs, they're just unafraid. A lot of bands take the stage with something to prove. Bear Vs Shark took the stage with no preconceived notions - they just wanted to have a good time, and hopefully pass it along to the audience. They never failed. Every time I left the club, I was in awe and could never stop saying, "I love that band."

There are few bands that truly get me excited about music, Bear Vs Shark was one of those bands. I will never forget them.

- Greg Sieme / Equal Vision Records


As much as I love music, there are very few bands that I can honestly say have had an impact on my life. Bearvsshark was one of those bands. Their music speaks to me and I’ve been able to connect with it more than almost anything else I’ve ever heard. In their short existence, I haven’t heard a single song of theirs that I haven’t completely fallen in love with. I’ve taken countless road trips, sometimes by myself, to see them play. They were one of the few
bands left who I was always excited about seeing play live, and now they’re gone. The guys in Bearvsshark were some of the most down to earth, genuine people that I have ever met, and always seemed to be more concerned with music rather than having an image. When I got the news that Bearvsshark had broken up, it almost feels like a person that I loved and cared about has died. I’m definitely not the only person that felt that way either; there are so many people that loved this band just as much as I did and who are just as devastated. Although I want to be selfish and want the band to continue, I completely respect their decision to part ways. I don’t think I could ever thank the band enough, or in an appropriate manner, for everything they have shared over the past few years. I wish each of them the best and hope they can find whatever it is that will make them happy.

- Glenn Dooley / Equal Vision Records


Bear Vs. Shark is an incredible band, incredible people, and incredible company. I remember all the times they played southern CA and would come crash on my floor after. Every time it was lots of beer, lots of stories, and lots of laughs. We definitely never got bored for a moment any of those nights. Whenever they left I always wished we had more time to hang. I hated to see them go but I was excited to see that they were off to conquer yet another city.

I got to know these guys very well over the past couple years and I am very thankful for that. If I had not had the opportunity to work with this band I do not know where I would be at right now but I do think that things would be very different than they are. There is no doubt that I would not be where I am at without them. They taught me a lot and always kept me on my toes. I am honored to have been able to work with them. I saw them grow as people and as a band over the past couple years and I am very proud of them for everything they did
and accomplished. I wish them nothing but the best in the future. I am sure they are all going to be very successful at whatever it is they do and I, for one, can’t wait to hear about it.

- Dave Shapiro / Velocity Touring


Bear Vs Shark meant a lot to me. I had seen Bear Vs Shark many times over the past few years during their existence. I was never disappointed by any means. From the first show I witnessed to their last. I will never forget a moment. Bear Vs Shark, in my opinion, were set to be a ground breaking band and were highly under-rated. They deserved a lot more acknowledgment for their music. I remember being in the studio when they were recording "Terrorhawk," and enjoying every second of it. It was extremely interesting seeing the input of each song and development. Even driving 10+ hours to Michigan to see them in their hometown for their record release show. I cherish every moment I encountered with this band. A true diamond in the rough. They will be missed.

- Paul Gigante / Equal Vision Records


I first heard Bear Vs. Shark before I worked at Equal Vision and was blown away at the diverse sounds and how genuine the people involved with this band were. That first album really opened up a lot of doors here at EVR with how people perceived the sound of Equal Vision to be. Since working here I have had the chance to work and hang with a band that truly work their own way. As a sound thats different from a lot of stuff we do, they were a breath of fresh air. I will definitely miss working for them and will hope they are happy and understand that Equal Vision as a label wouldn't be where its at without Bear Vs. Shark.

- Tom Mullen / Equal Vision Records