Beecher Split-Up



Tja, das Jahr ist noch Jung und die ersten Opfer sind schon zu beklagen. Nun hat es auch das Englische Chaos-Monster BEECHER dahingerafft. Die 2001 gegründete Band löst sich nach einer 7", einer EP, einer MCD und zwei Alben auf. Das Statement der Band:

"So, this is it. After almost five long years of putting everything we have into this band, it has finally brought itself to an end. For the whole time we’ve put all our creative and physical energy into writing and performing music that we believed in completely, and for the most part we’ve been underappreciated, misunderstood and misrepresented by both the media and by the general public. We’ve never been ‘the UK’s answer’ to anybody; we’ve never been a ‘fashioncore’ band or a ‘noisecore’ band and we’ve certainly never once adhered to any of your bullshit ‘scene’ rules. We are who we are and we played what we wanted, and in our minds we’ve set an example and achieved more than we ever thought possible. I’m sorry to say that it seems that right now, you either need to look stupid or sound shit (or more often than not a combination of the two) to get anywhere in this ‘scene,’ two things that have never applied to Beecher.

The reason for our break-up is a combination of personal reasons that no one outside of our band needs to know, but rest assured now is the time, the time for us all to get our lives back

We have made some great friends and fans along the way and to those people we give our sincere thanks. We hope our band will live on in your memories, as it’s sure to in ours. We’ve had some fucking good times. If you ever deserved thanks, then you got it in at least one of our record sleeves."