CALLING ALL CAPTAINS - neue EP via Rude Records



Die neue CALLING ALL CAPTAINS-EP "Nothing Grows Here" erscheint heute via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. Anbei gibt es mit "Chasing Ghosts" einen ersten Eindruck zum Sound der Poppunkband aus Alberta. Diese kommentiert die Single wie folgt:

'Chasing Ghosts' has a lot of layers to its meaning, especially for the different members of the band. It encapsulates all of the self doubt and negative behaviours that go along with always looking in the rearview mirror and knowing that you're not living in the present. Smoking and drinking as a way to cope with everything because of the issues that have to be faced doesn't get you anywhere. This song is a love letter to all those who are stuck in the same cycle of destructive behaviours that come with romanticizing the past.