CAN'T SWIM - EP mit neu aufgenommenen Versionen



CAN'T SWIM veroeffentlichen eine neu EP namens "When The Dust Settles". Die Platte ist ab sofort via Pure Noise Records erhaltlich und enthaelt neu aufgenommen Versionen von einigen Favouriten der Band. Im Statement der Poppunkband um Frontman Chris LoPorto heisst es: 

“The idea of revisiting some of our previously released songs is something we always wanted to do. When you play songs night after night you start to imagine them in different ways, and over the years of touring we have pictured them with many different arrangements. Even when creating the songs, we constantly go back and forth about how to present the idea best. In this time of isolation, we thought it would be very fitting to put out a stripped-down version of some of our favorite songs. Excited to share these familiar tunes with everyone but in a very new way”