CAN'T SWIM - weiterer neuer Song online



Mit “Congratulations, Christopher Hodge” stellen CAN'T SWIM einen weiteren neuen Song ihres kommenden Albums "This Too Won’t Pass" vor, welches am 16. November via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Chris LePorto, Frontmann der Poppunkband aus New Jersey, kommentiert die Single wie folgt:
“Congratulations, Christopher Hodge was the last song I wrote before going into the studio. He is our manager and a longtime friend of mine. He and his wife are having a baby the same month our new record comes out and the title was a way to bless their new family together. We grew up playing music with each other and he is one of the main reasons Can’t Swim exists. We had all the demos done and ready to be recorded when he asked me to write one more song saying “you never know when creativity will strike”. A few days before entering the studio I sat down and wrote the whole song in a few hours and sent it to him. He’s always pushing me to work hard at this band and has believed in it since day one. It made all the sense in the world to name it in honor of him due to the fact he was the sole reason I wrote it.”