CARNIFEX - Studio Update zum neuen Album



Scott von CARNIFEX hat auf der MySpace-Seite der Band folgendes Studio Update zum kommenden Album online gestellt:

"Studio Update: Part I

Hey everyone, so we're at the end of Day 3 at the world famous Planet Z studios with Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, Terror, ) out in Massachusetts. The first day was spent setting up drums, getting drums sounds, tempo mapping all the songs and laying down a scratch guitar track. After just 2 days of straight drumming Shawn has finished tracking all of the drums! His skill and efficiency truly immpressed all of us. The drum speed, intensity and technicality is so far beyond anything we have done before. I know you guys will be as excited as us to hear his progression. We have heard one of the songs after editing and just with the weak single guitar scratch track it destorys anything we have ever done in the past. Zeuss' ability to capture us at our heaviest is amazing!

I will be posting updates every few days or so filling you guys in on whats happening with us in the studio. Also, later this month we will be annoucing the title of the new record, posting a track listing AND the release date. Take care everyone, talk to you soon!