CASEY - weiterer neuer Song online



CASEY aus South Wales werden ihr zweites Album "Where I Go When I Am Sleeping" am 16. Maerz bei Hassle Records veröffentlichen. Mit "Bruise" stellt die Posthardcofreband einen dritten Vorabsong der Platte im Stream vor. Frontmann Tom Weaver kommentiert:

"‘Bruise’ explores how I feel now about the topics I was writing about on the first record. It also looks forward, introducing the idea that the experiences I’ve been through have left me in a fragile state, which leads into a feeling of guilt and of insufficiency, not feeling deserving enough of happiness.
"Where I Go When I Am Sleeping" wurde von Brad Wood (u.a. TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE) produziert und behandelt inhaltlich Weavers physische und wie psychische Erkrankungen:
I was diagnosed with brittle bones at birth and when I was 15 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and at 20 I was diagnosed with manic depression. I’ve also had a heart attack and a stroke and I was in this crazy car accident that crushed half my face. They’re big life events, but a lot of the stuff that’s happened to me medically was stuff that I was just living through at the time. Looking back now, though, I realise I could have died four or five times. I’m lucky to be here.
01.04.2018: Berlin — Musik & Frieden
02.04.2018: Hannover — Mephisto
03.04.2018: Nürnberg — Z-Bau
04.04.2018: Leipzig — Impericon Headquarter (exklusive Akustik-Session - Tickets nur via PRE-ORDER VERLOSUNG)
04.04.2018: Leipzig — Naumanns
08.04.2018: München — Feierwerk
09.04.2018: Aarau (CH) — Kiff
10.04.2018: Frankfurt — 11er
11.04.2018: Hamburg — Goldener Salon
12.04.2018: Köln — MTC