CJ RAMONE - neues Album im März



Am 17. Maerz erscheint mit „American Beauty“ das neue Album von CJ RAMONE via Fat Wreck
Die Platte enthaelt12 Songs, die direkt an „Last Chance To Dance“ anknüpfen. Auf dem aktuellen Album konnte CJ Steve Soto (Adolescents), Dan Root (Adolescents) und Pete Sosa (Street Dogs) sowie die Horn-Fraktion von Mariachi El Bronx als Backingband gewinnen.
Unten gibt es bereits Tracklisting und Artwork zum Release. CJ RAMONE ueber "American Beauty":
"American Beauty is the record I’ve been working towards since I started putting out records as CJ Ramone. My songwriting has definitely grown up some, but the raw energy is still there. Steve Soto, Dan Root, and Pete Sosa helped me drive every track home in a way that only veterans of the business can do, with engineer/co-producer Paul Miner throwing gas on the fire every step of the way. I don’t think I could have made this record any better. 2017 is set to be my busiest year yet, starting with a coast to coast US/Canada tour, followed up by an extended trip to Europe this summer. Fall and Winter we’ll be spending in South America and we are working on a trip to Japan and, fingers crossed, Australia. It’s going to be a good year. Hope to see y’all on the big road."
1: Let’s Go
2: Yeah Yeah Yeah
3: You’ll Never Make Me Believe
4: Before the Lights Go Out
5: Girlfriend in a Graveyard
6: Tommy’s Gone
7: Run Around
8: Steady As She Goes
9: Without You
10: Be a Good Girl
11: Moral to the Story
12:  Pony