CLAWFINGER Update zur anstehenden Tour



CLAWFINGER Frontmann Zak Tell hat folgendes Update gepostet:

"We've been practicing for the upcoming Jägermeister tour [of Germany, which is scheduled to kick off early February], so far we've managed to drink eight bottles between the five of us within three hours but we're going to try and manage at least 10 within two hours before we hit the road. After all, we know it pays off to be in good shape and well-prepared by the time the tour starts! Otherwise it's songwriting as usual. I've lost count of how many songs we have now as my brain is a mess of lyrical ideas for five or so different songs at the same time and sometimes on the bad days it's full of confused nothingness, but hey that's an art form as well!"

Jägermeister Rock:Liga Tour Dates featuring CLAWFINGER, LENINGRAD COWBOYS und WE:

Feb. 07 - Essen - Zeche Carl (D)
Feb. 08 - Nürnberg – Den Hirsch (D)
Feb. 09 - Chemnitz - Talschock (D)
Feb. 10 - Rostock - Mau Club (D)
Feb. 11 - Braunschweig - Jolly Joker (D)