COILGUNS - Tour und Album in Reichweite



COILGUNS haben nicht nur ein neues Album, sondern auch eine begleitende Tour angekündigt. "Watchwinders" wird das dritte Studioalbum der Band sein und via Hummus Records veröffentlicht. Über den Albumtitel sagt die Band: 

"Watchwinders are among the most paradoxal objects humans have ever created. They are designed for rich people to store their expensive watches while not using them. Their purpose is to maintain the so-called self-winding mechanism that's inside the watches. They're a clear demonstration of how we keep dreaming of perpetual motion though we're perfectly aware that it cannot be achieved. We humans are now realizing the limits of the closed system we live in. Still we seek an eternal source of growth. And we as a band are still chasing a punk ideal of self-sufficiency, though we obviously depend on fuel, vinyl and clicks."

Und zur Tour, die leider nur zwei Deutschlandtermine umfasst, sagt die Band folgendes:

"We’re stoked to be back on the road to support our third album Watchwinders. This will be the only European tour until next summer as…we have other plans for the spring. Though we were initially set to do this run on our own, a few months ago we’ve received a message on facebook from this band Yautja saying they really dug our sound and thought we could maybe tour together. A week later we had them added on the tour package and booking started because, you know, they’re AWESOME."


21.11 - Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz
22.11 - Stuttgart, Ju-Ha West