COLD YEARS - neue Single "Breathe"




Die aus Aberdeen, Schottland stammede Punkrockband COLD YEARS veröffentlicht heute mit "Breathe" einen neuen Song, der auf dem kommenden Debütalbum enthalten sein wird. Die Platte erscheint 2020 - Frontmann Ross Gordon kommentiert:

“With ‘Breathe’ it was about putting everything I’d felt over the past couple of years on to paper.  I went through a hard time during ‘Northern Blue’, I didn’t care about anything other than what was in the next glass.  I was questioning why I even wrote music anymoreThis song came just at the right time and as a band it really forged what we wanted to do with this (forthcoming) record. It was completely collaborative, a fresh start, a fresh canvas, and it rejuvenated us. I fell in love with writing music again.  I was laying out everything on the table and taking a gamble.”