CONTINENTS - neue Platte via Victory Records



CONTINENTS kündigen ihr neues Album "Reprisal" für den 30. Oktober via Victory / Soulfood an. Hier war 2013 bereits "Idle Hands" erschienen. Unten gibt es bereits Cover nud Trackliste zum kommenden Release der walisischen Hardcoreband.

Drummer Duncan “Ken” Hamill zu "Reprisal":

 “We had experienced some serious challenges as a band, so we had a lot to get off our chest.  Some of the riffs are dark, slow and you can feel this atmosphere spread throughout the band like a cancer”

"Reprisal" Tracklisting:

01. Drowned in Hate
02. Scorn
03. Life of Misery
04. The Stand
05. I (Interlude)
06. Reprisal
07. Awakening
08. Lost, Loathe, Loss.
09. The Defeatist
10. Alone
11. II