CULTURE ABUSE - 29-Song starke Compilation am 24. Juli



CULTURE ABUSE aus Kalifornien verkuenden fuer den 24. Juli eine digitale Compilation via Epitaph. "Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives a Shit?!" enthält 29 Songs, darunter Demos, Live-Tracks, Covers und alternative Versionen. Anbei gibt es bereits den Song "Heavy Love",  ursprünglich auf dem 2016er Album "Peach" zu finden, in einer Stripped-Down-Version zu hoeren. Die Band kommentiert: 
“With the state of the live music industry in limbo, we thought now is a better time than any to open ourselves up and give the listener a different take on some of our past work. We take the groovy mid-tempo songs off Bay Dream (2018) and give you our aggressive live set atmosphere. We re-imagined the faster, more upbeat songs from Peach (2016) and slowed them down into an acoustic, stripped-down set. Cover songs from iconic bands like the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks and the Equals— we tear ‘em up and piece ‘em back together the way we do when we sit down together and make ‘zines, tour posters and show flyers.  Some of our original songs are covered by our close friends within this collection.  We’re presenting this release through digital outlets so the songs are at their most accessible. So whatever’s happening in your life, here are some songs to help you take it all on: the good shit & the bad shit.”