DEAF AUTUMN - neuer Song im Stream



Das neue Album von DEAF AUTUMN heisst "The Shape" und wird im Januar via This Is Core erscheinen. Mit "A Thousand Broken Hearts" stellt die italienische Alternativeband einen Song der Platte im Stream vor. Die Band erklaert:

"With our debut album "What Was To Be Known" we were just following our istinct showing some attitude and the will to do things for ourselves only, but now with "The Shape", we went truly beyond, digging deeper into us and minding on what we were finding. Through new single "A Thousand Broken Hearts" you will taste just a few things about it, but it's worth a ticket to ride our new journey. We also had to make some tough line-up changes that led us to constantly search for balance, which set us in front of further choices to make. From that point on, we built up a new will, a new desire, to make things in that way, as a new philosophy. Lyrics got more meanings; some are hidden, some more are well shown, even like a sociological end. We truly believe that there is much spirit in this kind of communication, but at the same time this is a mere tool that everyone can handle as they need it"