DEFEATER - bei Epitaph Records!



DEFEATER gehören ab sofort vom Roster von EPITAPH RECORDS!

"After a year away from touring and nearly two of immobility, I have never been happier to push forward with Defeate"r, said Archambault. "Releasing a new album with a label I have bought records from for more than 20 years still doesn't feel real. Like many of my peers, Epitaph's 90's roster was a big part of the soundtrack to my teenage years. Signing to Epitaph and playing shows again has the makings of a banner year for Defeater."

Defeater has released three studio albums on Bridge 9 Records, Travels (2008), Lost Ground (2009), Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (2011), and Letters Home (2013). All of the band's recordings tell the story of a working class family living in New Jersey during the Post-World War II era. Defeater will release their fourth concept album in 2015 on Epitaph.

"We want to thank everyone for the unbelievable continued support of us this past year and we hope we get a chance to thank you personally in 2015. Lets do this", said guitarist Jay Maas.