DEW-SCENTED - fassen Wintertour mit Nile zusammen



Die deutschen Thrasher DEW-SCENTED haben folgendes Update gepostet:

"DEW-SCENTED have returned home from a loooooong but also very successful European tour supporting Nile! 19 countries, thousands of KM’s to travel, many new experiences made along the way and almost a "hometown" show as last date in Hannover / Germany made an ending with style! We would like to thank our bus comrades of Zonaria and Darkrise for the good time as well as Melechesh and the almighty Nile for the intense weeks we managed to spend together on the road! Also, big thanks to the amazing Massive crew, our tour-soundtech Murph as well as the busdrivers (Rudi & Maren) and merchandisers (Darek & Rob) for the good atmosphere during these last weeks! Special thanks to all old friends we met and to all new friends we made on this tour as well as to all the people that came out to enjoy & support all the five bands at the shows!!! Very special thanks to Michi of Holy Moses for the help as second guitarist for this tour – You rule!

Make sure to read the daily tour diary we kept via and check out some cool shots of the crowd/s there too.

We had looked forward to play Rocktower festival in Lübeck / Germany on the Easter weekend as next show with DEW-SCENTED but unfortunately the festival got completely cancelled all-together so that’s no longer gonna happen! Please take notice and get more details here:

Seeing how we are only gonna do a limited amount of very few selected shows for the rest of 2011 in order to concentrate on writing new material for a next album, we are happy to now be able to announce the next dates confirmed for DEW-SCENTED. See you there!"