DIVIDED HEAVEN - neue EP via Paper & Plastick



DIVIDED HEAVEN um Frontmann Jeff Berman kuendigen ihre neue, von Charlie  Stavish produzierte EP "Cold War Hangover" an. Die EP mit fuenf Songs, darunter Akustikversionen des aktuellen Albums "Cold War", erscheint am 17. Mai via Paper & Plastick. Anbei stellt die Band einen neuen Song namens "The Daughters And The Sons" im Stream vor - weitere Infos zum Relese gibt es HIER

Die Band kommentiert die Single wie folgt:

“We were inspired by our closest friends who are trying to change the world for the better by raising good kids; by teaching young women to be strong and confident, and instilling in young men to need to be kind and respectful of women. We wanted to echo that sentiment and honor our badass friends and their awesome kids.”


"Cold War Hangover":

1. 1983 (Acoustic)
2. The Daughters & the Sons (Acoustic)
3. Best Friends
4. Dance With Old Habits (Alternate)
5. Lifers