DREAM NAILS - Album-Listeningparty am 3. April



Die Londoner Punks von DREAM NAILS werden ihr Debutalbum am 4. September veroeffentlichen, nachdem die Band bereits ihre geplante Tour canceln musste. Am kommenden Freitag (3. April) um 16 Uhr deutscher Zeit laedt die Band zu einer Listeningparty zu ihrem selbstbetitelten Album ein. HIER gibt es alle Details. 

Im Statememt heisst es: 

"Our debut album was due to launch on Friday 3rd April, but has now been postponed due to covid-19! To lift your spirits in times of crisis, and celebrate the original launch date, we're giving the album an exclusive, one-time spin on a FACEBOOK LIVE video at 3:00 on Friday 3 April. It's a feast of bangers, with skits interspersed, and we're SO EXCITED to share it with you in an online listening party!“