DROWN THIS CITY - neue EP im Mai



Die australische Metalcoreband DROWN THIS CITY kuendigt eine neue EP an. "Colours We Won't Know" erscheint am 28. Mai via UNFD. Mit "Borderline Existence" gibt es unten bereits einen zweiten Song der Band aus Melbourne zu hoeren. Frontfrau Alex Reade kommentiert: 

"I've found myself wearing thin because of this, wondering what I was fighting against and how long could I keep going for. This song reflects the battle I feel to succeed against all odds, fuelled by sheer terror that my life will be for nothing", she shares. "The line ‘I really thought that I’d amount to something, I should have known you’d get me in the end’ really reflects the exhaustion I feel wondering if I can keep going with this fight to be heard and understood. I’m exhausted, always pushing against, trying to win, trying to get ‘there’ and I just don’t know where that is anymore”