Deathwish Inc. erwerben Perfect Victim Records



Deathwish Inc. haben verkündet, dass sie sowohl den Back Catalogue als auch die bisher unreleasten Alben von Perfect Victim Recordings erworben haben:

"Our old pal Mike from Stab & Kill/Perfect Victim, decided to cease operations of the label some time ago. Since then, some killer releases from Slumlords (members of Breakdown, Pulling Teeth), Forward To Death, S.O.S., and Blue Monday have been hiding on shelves and in boxes.

Well, we are here to fix that. Deathwish has officially acquired the Perfect Victim Records existing catalog. Deathwish now carries all of these titles exclusively in the DW Estore. You can also find Perfect Victim titles in retail stores through our friends at Revelation Distribution.

So yeah, Deathwish, Malfunction, and Perfect Victim are now one label family."