EMPTY VISION aufgelöst



EMPTY VISION gaben jetzt überraschend bei Poisonfree ihre Auflösung bekannt. Eine Abschiedsshow im Januar wird es noch geben bevor endgültig Schluss ist.
Das Statement der Band:

Hey everyone!

We are sad to announce this but Empty Vision is going to split up.

We will spare you the typical "but we're still friends etc." explanations and focus on setting up a final Show in January 2009 somewhere near our home base, so you can show up and end this band together with us.

We will announce everything you need to know as soon as the date and all the bands are confirmed.

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Volker/Fields Of Hope, Jan/Assault, Daniel /Cobra and you for the support over all these years.
We could not have been without you... <3


Empty Vision