ENEMY OF THE SUN - Update aus dem Studio



ENEMY OF THE SUND haben sich aus dem Studio gemeldet. Danach sind die Vocals bereits fertig aufgenommen. Lest selber:

" This is Jules from the studio and I'm glad to say that vocals are now totally recorded by my side. We're most likely to have some very interesting guest vocals to the album as well but behalf of my part, I can say, I'm finished (hahahahah)...

We had seven days booked for the vox parts and I'm proud to say that we only needed six. First couple of days were a bit difficult. Too much stress because of the rush I'm in at the moment but thanks to the competent skills of our producer/songwriter/guitarist Wallu we got the train on the right tracks. After that it was like recording rain drops in the amazon ;)...

We recorded 14 songs plus intro & outro. Most likely we're putting 12 songs on the album and it's not going to be an easy pick. I like all of 'em and it's going to be a battle of choosing the best ones 'cause they're all the best ones.

I have to say, what we're doing at the moment is very spectacular. So much emotions in this album. As you probably agree with me, we have never done things the most ordinary way - ordinary equals boring.

This album is definately going to be much heavier than the debut. It has parts for you to scream for, it has parts for you to cry for. We also have a very strong working title for the album which we're most probably going to keep. It's C**********, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! I'm not giving you all the candy the first time my little bumblebees ;)..

over & out

Jules (the one who cannot reach the sky)

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Stay furry... "