EVERGREEN TERRACE haben ihrem anstehenden Album den Titel "Almost Home" verpasst. Die Band wird in Kürze die Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL mit Produzent Jason Suecof (Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder) betreten, der sich für die Vocals und das Mixing verantwortlich zeigt. Der Rest wird in den Martell Studios in Kingsland, GA mit Stan Martell aufgenommen. "Almost Home" soll im September via Metal Blade Records erscheinen.

Guitarist Josh James kommentiert:
"Crunch time has now approached us, with just 1 week before we go into the studio. As always, we've given a lot and gone through even more during this writing period. From a member of the band leaving to a death in the family: we have accepted the changes that have come and gone in our lives and it all shows in this next batch of songs. I think this record will surprise the new listeners as well as have the old ones stoked. I'd say its best described as a good mixture of Burned Alive by Time and Wolfbiker, but of course, like every band says, 'it's the best record we've done yet!' If you already hate our band then chances are you'll hate this record, if you already love our band then be prepared to have a new favorite ET record. Regardless, we're stoked."