FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Video zu "When The Seasons Change"



FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH stellen einen neuen Videoclip zur Single "When The Seasons Change" vor. Der Titel stammt vom aktuellen Album "And Justice For None" und wurde geschrieben von Gitarrist Zoltan Bathory, der den Titel wie folgt kommentiert:

Instead of giving you a typical quote about the music video, let me give you some data to ponder … Medical malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA right behind heart-disease and cancer. Some research says an average of 250,000 people die every year because of medical errors. In contrast, Police Officers make an average of 50 fatal errors annually, that’s 245,950 less - and most of them are due to split-second decisions in high-risk situations. Of course, loss of life is always tragic but we don’t put all medical professionals on blast or call them names, disrespect them and demonize them. Of course not. They’re doing their best and it would be just as ridiculous as the current, grossly unfair rhetoric against Police as a whole.”