FRANK TURNER - weiterer NOFX-Coversong im Stream



Wie wir bereits vermeldeten, veroeffentlichen NOFX und FRANK TURNER eine Split-LP namens "West Coast VS Wessex“, die am 31. Juli via Fat Wreck erscheint. Anbei stellt TURNER sein Cover des NOFX Songs "Falling In Love“ vor. Der Song war im Original auf dem 1997 erschienenen Album "So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes" enthalten. Der britische Songwriter und jahrelange Kumpel von Fat Mike  kommentiert: 
"When Mike asked me to do a covers split with NOFX, I was blown away, and immediately knew that one of the songs I'd do would be 'Falling In Love.' I've long thought it was one of his best compositions; it's a beautiful lyric and melody, and I wanted to come at the song in a way that would lay that bare and highlight the beauty of the writing. I think it came out pretty good.“