GET DEAD - neue Platte im Juli



Am 29. Juli veroeffentlichen GET DEAD aus San Francisco ihr neues Album "Honesty Lives Elsewhere". Zu hoeren gibt es darauf laut Eigenaussage weiterhin "No shtick. No posturing. Just straight up, from the heart, punk rock". Frontmann Sam King zum Nachfolger von "Bad News":

"We are extremely proud of this new record. We got to work with a bunch of our friends again as well as some new ones. Josh Garcia once again gave up his sleep and sanity to orchestrate the chaos. Fat Mike returned to help produce it and contribute to some late night psychotic behavior. We had Miles from toyGuitar play some instruments that we can’t pronounce and Joey from OMM come through and bless us with some world class piano playing. It’s a fast, fun record and we can’t wait to unleash it.

We will be kicking things off in Japan at the beginning of August. Then a greater West Coast Tour in mid-August before we head out to the East Coast. From there it’ll be Spain, UK and a grip of European shows, ending back in Florida for The Fest! We will have a few naps, then it’s off to Australia!"

Mit "Silence" steht unten bereits ein erster Song der Platte im Stream bereit.