GUNS N’ROSES – Release im März



Im März 2007 solle es endlich soweit sein und GUNS N’ROSES veröffentlichen ihr lange angekündigtes neues Album "Chinese Democracy". 13 Millionen $ hat man sich das Ganze kosten lassen und bekanntlich ist lediglich Sänger Axl Rose aus der ehemaligen Besetzung dabei. Rose postete folgendes Statement:

“To say the making of this album has been an unbearably long and incomprehensible journey would be an understatement. Overcoming the endless and seemingly insane amount of obstacles faced by all involved, notwithstanding the emotional challenges endured by everyone -- the fans, the band, our road crew and business team -- has at many times seemed like a bad dream in which one wakes up only to find that they are still in the nightmare. Unfortunately, this time it has been played out for over a decade in real life.”