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GWAR veroeffentlichen ihr neues Album "The Blood Of Gods" am 20. Oktober via Metal Blade Records. Mit "Fuck This Place" stellt die Metalband einen ersten Song daraus im Stream vor - zur Preoder des Albums geht es HIER. Berserker Blothar zur Single:

"Fuck This Place," the name says it all. Look around you. Your life sucks. Your planet is dying. You want to kill yourself and everyone you meet. So do it. You've drenched yourselves in gasoline, and now GWAR offers you a light. The finish line of the human race is at last within reach. Scream it now at the top of your lungs…"Fuck This Place!"

Mit den neuen Songs im Gepaeck kommen GWAR dann mit Support von u.a. HE IS LEGEND und GHOUL auf US- und Kanadatour.

"The Blood Of Gods"  Tracklisting:

01. War on GWAR
02. Viking Death Machine
03. El Presidente
04. I'll Be Your Monster
05. Auroch
06. Swarm
07. The Sordid Soliloquy Of Sawborg Destructo
08. Death to Dickie Duncan
09. Crushed By The Cross
10. Fuck This Place
11. Phantom Limb
12. If You Want Blood (You Got It) - AC/DC Cover