GWEN STACY - Ausgeraubt



GWEN STACY wurden letzten Freitag um 3.000 USD erleichtert. Dazu ein Statement der Band:

"While we were in LA, we stopped at grocery store to get some food, and just to get out of the van for a little bit. After being inside for close to ten minutes we came out we noticed our driver side window was busted out, so we ran to the van. We found that our cash box with close to 3000 dollars was stolen.

"So, needless to say we could really use some help. The loss of this money has really set us back financially. We've been throwing around the idea of setting up a paypal account if people would be interested in helping that way, but mainly we'd just like to ask if you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We could really use it right now. And maybe if you want to come out to a show, and maybe buy a shirt or cd or something that would be sweet too. Anything would help.

"Everything happens for a reason. We're doing our best to stay as positive as possible about the situation."