HANDS LIKE HOUSES - Video zu "Sick"



HANDS LIKE HOUSES stellen eine vierte Single ihres aktuellen Albums "-Anon" vor: Anbei gibt es den Videoclip zu "Sick", die Platte der Alternativerockband um Frontmann Trenton Woodley ist via Hopeless Records zu haben. Woodley erklaert:

“We had a blast shooting this video - just cruising around the Mojave in a sick old convertible. It was a great day - super chill, and I even left a little piece of myself there... My favourite tambourine in the world broke on set. I’m building a new one with some of the parts, but it broke my heart to carry it home in pieces. Sometimes you pay the price for a rad as hell music video."

Zum Titel selbst sagt der Saenger:

"I think everyone knows the feeling of being taken advantage of - especially when you put yourself out there for someone, to have them want more, without even properly acknowledging what you gave them in the first place. Sometimes you can walk away, and other times you just have to take it in your stride because you’re focused on something bigger. Entitlement is bullshit, but that’s when you have to remember, with a wry grin, that other people don’t control you”.