HANDS LIKE HOUSES - neue EP im Oktober



HANDS LIKE HOUSES haben angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2020 eine selbst betitelte EP zu veröffentlichen. Gleichzeitig hat die Band mit "The Water" eine neue Single vorgestellt. Am Wochenende spielt die Truppe zudem ein Live-Stream Konzert. Nach "Space" ist "The Water" der zweite Track der neuen EP, die via UNFD erscheint. 

Sänger Trenton Woodley kommentiert: 

“I picture the protagonist as some beautiful, fantastical, strange and surreal sea creature that has come to live among us, but wants to go home," he says. "I feel like the voice of this song is one that has done its best to make a place to belong, but knows it doesn’t, can’t or won’t, and is trying to say a heartfelt, honest goodbye.

Of course, that’s not to say there’s not a piece of me buried in that voice. I don’t think you get to come this far in life without wondering if you really belong to this particular path you’ve found yourself on, if there’s not somewhere else or someone else you’re meant to be. The harder the times, the bigger the question becomes in your mind. When it comes down to it, it’s a song about closing doors and opening new ones".

Tracklist "Hands Like Houses":

1. The Water
2. Space
3. Dangerous
4. Stranger
5. Wired