HARKER - Debutalbum im Februar



HARKER stammen aus Brighton und spielen stuermischen Punkrock zwischen alten SAVES THE DAY, BANQUETS und SUPERCHUNK. Bevor ihr Debutalbum "No Discordance" am 9. Februar via Disconnect, Disconnect (UK), Fond of Life (EU), Shield Recordings (EU), Fixing A Hole (JP) bzw Wiretap Records (USA) erscheint - stellen die Briten unten mit "300 Cigarettes" einen ersten Song der Platte im Stream vor.

Mark Boniface, Frontmann bei HARKER, kommentiert:“300 cigs is about how people can use others emotional states to gain trust and self-assurance. At most times we can be caring, understanding and loving. But unfortunately, there are some who ignore the consequences of their actions on people, and it highlights a horrible part of human nature. At our worst, we can be self-centred, reserved and unaware of the problems we create within ourselves and within others. The song acts as a remedy to the damage left behind after we cut poisonous people out of our lives.”