HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - melden sich mit Cover-EP zurueck



Die Posthardcore/Emoband HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS veroeffentlicht eine Cover-EP namens “Dads of Sad”, die ab sofort erhaeltlich ist. Darauf zu hoeren gibt es Versionen von “Butterflies” (Kacey Musgraves) sowie den Song “8” von Billie Eilish. Erschienen ist die EP via Pure Noise Records - Frontmann JT Woodruff kommentiert:

 “So much has changed in that span of time, some better, some worse, but we try not to let anything hold us back. The best part of music for me is reaching beyond borders and boundaries. Blurring the lines within a strange industry and marketplace is what keeps your blood pumping after all this time.

A lot of people are probably going to ask why the hell is this band covering extremely current pop songs that sound nothing like their band. The answer is pretty simple. We tweeted at Kacey, just wondering if she had ever listened to us back in the day. And she tweeted some of our lyrics back to us. We thought it was pretty bad ass that musicians in different genres are still connected. Billie Eilish was a similar scenario. She posted a video of her breakdancing to NikiFM, and thought it was super cool. Both of these are very talented artists, who represent the most current side of pop music. Both sound nothing like what we are used to writing. We thought it was a great exercise in trying to make their happy pop songs sound like sad Emo songs”