HONOUR AMONG THIEVES sind leider Geschichte und gaben in diesen Tagen ihre Auflösung bekannt. Lest das Statement der Band:

"Sadly, due to personal differences within the band, we are breaking up. it sucks more balls than a thai whorehouse, but shit happens. we're all pretty bummed out about it, but there's nothing that can be done, decisions have been made and that's just the way the cookie crumbles. we're all still on good terms though and there's no bad blood. sorry to disappoint, but there's no drama here ...

however, we're not going out with a whimper, we have plans:

we WILL still be playing deadfest in sweden on the 13th of september
(we've already paid for non-refundable plane tickets, so we might as well).

we WILL record the songs we had written for the full length.

might be released as a swansong ep, but if not we'll just throw them up on myspace.

we WILL be playing a final show, what would've been our album release show.