HOPESFALL aufgelöst



Folgendes Statement gibt es von Jason:

"Hey guys happy 2008!

Word on the street is Hopesfall has broken up. Well.... " The one thing you can count on is word on the street ya, That's solid," That's a line from one of my favorite movies which stars one christopher walken.

Anyway HF has broken up and we have all moved on to other things in our lives. Why the break up? Well it's a long story. To long for myspace but i will say this. I hate Trustkill and it's owner. Hahahaha. He's not the reason we broke up but i (we) do hate him.

Anyway we have posted some new songs. 1 song that TK took off the record with out asking us or even telling us. What a bunch of assholes huh!? So you can download "Saskatchewan" if you'd like. We have a brand new song that we might post on here very soon. It's with out vocalsbut we like it a lot! It's a nice little gem.

I have a bunch of demos from mag north also that i will post. a few are songs that we didn't even record so that should be fun huh!?

Anyway take care kidos!