HORSE THE BAND - Album Release



HORSE THE BAND werden ihr neues Album, "Desperate Living", am 6. Oktober via Vagrant Veröffentlichen. Das Album wurde von Noah Shain produziert. Die Band kommentiert:

"Noah really cared about helping us get exactly the sound and feel we wanted on the record,"
so Keyboarder Erik Engstrom. "We also have incredible guests on the record like classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa. She plays a Prokofiev piece (composed 100 years ago after his best friend shot himself in the face with a pistol) at the end of 'Rape Escape' which is possibly the most powerful song we've ever written. I'm a huge fan of hers and this is the first recording of her playing this piece of music –it's absolutely devastating."

Desperate Living track listing:

01. Cloudwalker
02. Desperate Living
03. The Failure Of All Things
04. Horse the song (featuring K-SLAX)
05. Science Police
06. Shapeshift (featuring Jamie Stewart)
07. Between The Trees
08. Golden Mummy Golden Bird
09. Lord Gold Wand of Unyielding (featuring Lord Gold and His Purple Majesty)
10. Big Business (featuring Ed Edge)
11. Rape Escape (featuring Valentina Lisitsa)
12. Arrive