IDLE CLASS - Pause auf unbestimmte Zeit



Die Muesteraner von IDLE CLASS vermelden traurige News: Die Jungs werden die Band fuer vorerst unbestimmte Zeit auf Eis legen. Alles weitere sowie die bevorstehenden Farewell-Shows erklaeren die Fuenf im Statement:

"Dear friends, the last couple of months have been quiet ones regarding our band.

We were planning on taking some time off to write new songs and stuff but sometimes things just don´t work out as planned before. Some of us are busy in new jobs and other things, priorities have changed during the last year so that we are not able to put the effort in this band that it deserves at this moment. Idle Class was/is always about friendship and will always be a part of our families. For this reason it took us a while and lots of talks to find a way to deal with the situation we found ourselves in.

Nobody of us is a huge friend of the term “breaking up” so we decided not to use it in this situation. To get to the point: We are taking a break for indefinite time and will stop running the band for a while. This while may be over in 2 months, 2 years or maybe never, we´ll see...
But since we wanted to make sure to send out a big thank you to everyone out there who supported us during the last 7 years, we decided to play a final bunch of shows which will hopefully turn out to become a massive celebration with all of you guys!
You´ll find the links for shows and tickets above in the german section of this post.
Benny, Daniel, Josua, Stefan and Tobi

The final bunch of shows:

25.05. – Köln – AZ
26.05. – Braunschweig – B58-Fest
08.06. – Hamburg – Booze Cruise Festival
15.06. – Münster – Cafe Sputnik"